Some Blogs Can’t Be Buried

So if you’ve read my “About Me,” then you know this is not my first blog attempt. In fact, I just stumbled upon (tech geeks may laugh now…hee, hee) my blog on Blogger. I had completely forgotten about that thing! Funny thing is that it contains some posts that I put on another old blogging attempt (my old website). And then there’s the MySpace blog attempt. Yeesh!

Anyway, I’ve decided that I should probably unearth the content on these poor things…content that probably never saw the light of day and enjoyed anything called a page view. Well, we must put an end to that, right? =)

Look for new-old posts soon! And for the love of turkey, someone post a comment! I feel like I’m talking to the wall! 😉

2 thoughts on “Some Blogs Can’t Be Buried

  1. Ok so Sheree,- you are better than I am! I have yet to attempt this blog thing! the best to you!…ha!ha! & whenever I am tired of the internet as usual I will stroll through! 😉

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