Humble Birth

Humble birth
, originally uploaded by sherjc.

I had a difficult time coming up with a title for this that captured exactly what this image evokes in me. It’s not just the humility of a birth in a manger, but there’s such an intimacy, an honesty that’s present in this scene. This photo speaks to my heart about what it means to know Jesus as Emmanuel, God with us. He comes in so quietly, simply, humbly, but when He comes in, He changes everything.

I originally took this photo in color, but decided to change it to black and white post production in order to allow the silhouette to better stand out and draw your eye into the moment it captures. A few thousand years ago in Bethlehem, Jesus really did come to be with us forever. All we must do is respond to His humble birth and let Him have His home in our hearts. And when we allow Him entrance into every room of our house, we will know life as it was meant to be lived and never be the same.

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