Day 12: Light of the Sun

Day 12: Light of the Sun
, originally uploaded by sherjc.

The beauty is there…you just have to go look for it.

This Photo 365 project I’ve been engaged in has been a test of the will, imagination, and inner resolve. There are times when I’m excited about this project, but often it feels like a chore or yet another thing to accomplish from the list. I admit yet again after a long day at work, I remembered that I hadn’t taken today’s photo yet and just thought, “Oh crap. I’m tired, and there’s just so much to do, and I’m not even home yet. I don’t feel like trying to be creative!” Sigh.

So upon arrival, I set out just steps from my house to find a shot so I could check this off the list. I took some uninspired pictures of my garage door. Mmm… this is just great, I thought to myself with sarcastic tone. Then a somewhat decent picture of an outdoor lamp aglow with the setting sun. A little better.

Then with a few steps near some unruly land nearby, something clicked. I saw Beauty. It captured my attention and begged to be beheld. Click. In an instant, this I uploaded this photo and was reminded how easily we can miss out on the generous gifts around us because we are distracted by our exhaustion, schedule, to-do lists, or limitations. It’s so easy to lose focus, to fail to prioritize the things that truly matter and are worth our devoted effort, to get sidelined by the urgent or unimportant.  It all leaves us drowning in a sea of so-called productivity. But in the midst of all that efficiency, how much living are we actually experiencing?

I’m currently in the middle of a book that is about engaging our time, attention, and person in light of what God has called us to. I’m realizing that over the past year, as God has helped me see how much in my life was not as important as I first believed, I feel like I’ve been given mercy anew, to start over and recast a short- and long-term vision for my life that will set the tone for the years to come. It is liberating, yet overwhelming as I come to terms with how much I had relied on as givens that are no longer true of me or my circumstances. Everything is changing. Everything. And that is both exciting and as unnerving as all get out. To echo a sentiment a friend recently shared, I’ve never felt more uncomfortable, but I’ve also never felt more me.

The light of the sun, I find, illuminates more things than just a little desert sprig for a nice shot — it also brings more clarity in the midst of what feels so tremendously uncertain, even when you don’t expect it…especially when you don’t expect it.

Thank you for the surprise, Lord.  It was just when I needed it.

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