Boulton Posts Free Web Design Book Online

Okay, this is pretty gutsy. Mike Boulton decided to post his book on Designing for the Web online for free.  His blog entry describes the rationale for it, and I must say he has a pretty good concept going.  I’m not sure what this does for his sales, but I know that I’ll gladly read his book online. If I like it well enough, I’ll buy it. But maybe not. 😉

Heh. This makes Smashing Magazine’s controversial “let’s take down our site and only put our ebook ad up” decision from earlier this week look even worse.  No matter. I still like Smashing anyway.  At least they were honest and called for some support from the many readers who benefit from their hard work every day.  Granted, if they had gone with this humble plea from the start yesterday, maybe they wouldn’t have incited such negative replies.  What is it they say again about honesty being the best policy?

So back to Boulton’s book… Interested?  Come and get it.

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