A close friend of the family, Arlene, who after so many years of Christmas, birthday, wedding, and family gatherings together felt very much like my own cousin, died on Thursday  She was driving late night when she was hit by a semi and pushed into the concrete divider. She died at the hospital. It’s shocking to think of.

Arelene was a 21-year old, vivacious, kind-hearted woman. I remember remarking recently to my Mom what a lovely girl she had become. I remember being in my Auntie’s wedding with her when she was just a little girl. And as she grew older her beauty continued to bloom inside and out, which made her so striking. She was just sweet and delightful with everyone she met. She made you feel accepted and cared for.

Dear family and friends who knew Arlene,
My heart breaks alongside your own. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God’s incredible comfort be ours in this time…the comfort only He can give.

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