It’s still hard for me to believe that Praise is gone. My heart breaks to think of it. I feel like it was just days not weeks ago that we emailed back and forth to arrange a surprise for one of our friends…

Praise, I will always remember the incredible joy that radiated from you so from the first day we met on east campus. And your deep love for our Father God and His people. You lived well and had such an impact on my life and others. I know I will miss hearing from you even if just by way of FB News Feed. Even in your going to Jesus I feel so challenged to let Him explode in my heart and life like He did your own. You were such a gift to us and I wish it wasn’t time for you to go. I will miss you girl…until we meet again. Enjoy knowing and being fully engaged in His presence and love right now!

Goh family and dear friends,

I will be praying for all of us here. May God speak to our hearts His deep comfort, incredible love, and beyond understanding peace as we grieve and celebrate Praise’s life. Thanks so much for sharing your stories. They have helped me a lot. I humbly submit my voice to join your own.

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