Google Calendar Error Page

Coming off of a long weekend, I was catching up on email in my Google-powered inbox, when I spotted a couple of calendar invites that I accepted but needed to adjust the time the inviter set. After clicking on the “event details” link in one of the calendar invite I received, I was immediately whisked away to this lovely message from Google:


Seriously?! I mean, why even bother? It doesn’t tell me what is wrong or when I can expect it back up because what does “temporarily” really mean? And does that mean that my invite reply wasn’t saved?

Sorry, Google, but this has got to be one of the most unhelpful error pages ever… at least it tops my list for today. 😉

nscheck (Twitter) responded: You're missing the point. It's helpful because you could read the message in Klingon if you needed to.

One thought on “Google Calendar Error Page

  1. LOL! I bet some engineer from Google is going to read that and slap their forehead wondering how they missed including that in their long list of translated, "Sorry, there’s an error." messages. 😉

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