The “Footer Bar”

Strange how easy it is now to sketch quick UX solutions on Post-its. 😉

Earlier in the year, our team had a challenge to make sure the call to action was readily available for the user on a new site we were developing. I came up with this fading in “footer bar” that would appear with a reiterated set of CTA buttons once the user scrolled down to a certain point.

As always my über talented Web colleagues made light work of my crazy UX request. The next thing I knew, tada! It was real!

That’s got to be one of my favorite parts of that site now.

Of course once we implemented it, I started noticing it in more places, and in more recent months, it looks like this pattern may be reaching trendy status. I still say that we’re one of the places where you saw it first. Call me the proud UX “parent” of this brain child if you will. 😉

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