Trekking in Peking (aka Beijing)

Jan 25

Ni hao!

Well, it’s been a full day of Metro riding, foot walking, photo snapping around Tian’amen (sp?) Square and such. Can you believe after about four hours of walking that I still didn’t see all of the Forbidden City? It’s all bigger than you’d think. It’s like walking around DC to see all the sights!

At first, I was a little intimidated at the prospect of sightseeing alone in a land where I know about 4 phrases of the language. But it’s gone so well, and I feel strangely comfortable. I feel like God is so present; He’s my travel partner. And I’ve had so much fun already! It’s like all the adventures I’ve had before have prepared me for this.

Well, I got to eat some authentic Chinese food, and it was good! =) Just went to a random restaurant where the hostesses opened the door and gave a spiel in native tongue to passersby to get them to come in to their places versus the competition next door! Well, it worked for me. I took a quick look at the menu (yay, for pics and some English), checked pricing, and verified locals were inside getting their fill. Check. Check. And double check. 😉 I learned the beauty of sipping a cup of hot water on a frigid day, ordered pork and cabbage dumplings (the food of choice during Chinese New Year) and fried rice (Heck, bring on the carbs! When in Rome…), and even asked for the bill in Chinese! Thank you Learn Chinese iPhone app! I’m catching on slowly but surely.

I already got some fun pictures that I can’t wait to share, but I’ll have to since I don’t have a way to transfer stuff from my memory card at present. My photographer’s heart is soaring in such a unique environment. This has already been such a gift. I could go home now and I’d be happy. To think there’s more to come! =)

I was able to find my way around without incident or technology. Only sad event was losing my glove that I had gotten especially from my last trip to England. =( The right hand disappeared sometime during buying my ticket to get back to the hostel. I had to surrender my purchased ticket to get out and retrace my steps but no luck. And out 2¥! Guess I have to get new ones. They were super cute and held sentimental value, but I admit that they weren’t cutting the mustard. Guess a high of 27 degrees will do that. =/

Well, now I’ve got my feet up, and I’m enjoying the sounds of Chinese New Year firecrackers and our shared hostel room all to myself. Hmm. Lovely. Gotta rest up before my friend arrives from Japan and the next part of this adventure kicks into gear! =)


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