Such Great Heights

Jan 26, 4p, Somewhere in China

Here I am on the bullet train to Shanghai. Cruising at a cool 303 kilometers an hour.

Really? Is this my life? =)

It has been such a gift to be here in China. From walking around Tianamen Square taking tons of pictures to eating pork dumplings at a table for one while watching locals stroll by to climbing the Great Wall to watching fireworks over the immense frozen lake of the Summer Palace to eating fried silk worms on a stick on Wafujing Street (though I don’t recommend that last bit), this has been such a great adventure, and it’s only day 3.

As my friend and I chatted on the bus to Bataling yesterday, we are in such awe at what God is doing. He’s called us His own, His daughters, and He has such good plans He’s working on our behalf. We follow Him and He says, “This is the way. Walk in it.” We dream and have desires that He uses to lead us in His plans as He sanctifies our hearts.

When I first spied the Great Wall from the bus window yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the thought that the Great One has brought me to the Great Wall. It represented so much as I never expected to find myself here, yet He has done and continues to do marvelous things. How awesome is our God! I can see how nothing, nothing is too difficult for Him and He continues to blow wide open the bounds of my expectations. He is mighty, powerful, and incredibly good. Where could I possibly find anyone else so wonderful?

As I look forward, I am in such anticipation for what else God will do. What’s wonderful is that I feel like this trip has been so rich, so full of quality moments and conversation, I truly would be happy going home now. But the fact remains that God has more planned, and I can’t wait to discover what it is! At the same time, my excitement is couched within a quiet peace and rest that is just overflowing from inside. I am not anxious for tomorrow. I’m just living it one moment at a time, approaching each situation with a flexibility and expectation of God meeting us in the unexpected. One of the biggest themes that has come up for us is the notion of accepting what God is giving in the present moment, particularly when it’s not according to plan. The need to let go, surrender, live with open hands is an even more critical part of the life of the Christ follower than I realized. And it’s so exciting letting go of the handlebars and allowing the Lord to have His way.

I borrow my post title from a song by The Postal Service. The lyrics go, “They will see us wave from such great heights. ‘Come down now,’ they’ll say. But everything seems perfect from far away. ‘Come down now.’ But we’ll stay.”

I feel like we are soaring high with Him on this journey, and no matter who says “come down now,” as if this is some fairy tale, this is where I want to stay…up here… with Him.

Shanghai. Hong Kong. Thailand. We keep turning over our travel plans to God and seeking His way in them. There is much more to come and as I give each day to the Lord, asking Him to guide our plans and do as He pleases, I see my heart quieted with joy, and I see His agenda shaping our schedule. I’m smiling just at the thought of His care, love, and goodness in all of this. Perhaps I’m rambling (I am a little sleepy at present), but all I can say is that God is so incredibly good, and I don’t want to ever lose sight of the truth of that no matter what comes my way.


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