Arrival: Phuket

Jan 29, 4:18p Phuket

We reached Phuket early in the morning at 2 am. Let me just say, not the best time get amazing deals on a taxi into town, but we were able to get around our driver’s low motivation to barter by sharing a ride with two other German travelers.

After settling in for the night, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day in this little touristy beach area near Kata Beach. Today has been a lazy day of waking up “late” (quotes since we did get in after 3 am once we reached our hostel) and enjoying the clear, warm aqua waters of Kata Beach on this hot humid day.

We lounged. We swam. We took silly pictures. We ate amazing chicken yellow curry and fried noodles and basil. It’s been lovely to just relax and enjoy without too much of a program.

Like I mentioned, this is definitely a touristy area. There are, strangely enough, tons of Italians here. Guess this is the place to be?

Well, we’re off to get cleaned up and grab some dinner. Will write more soon!


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