Holy Moments

Jan 30, 6:42am Phuket

Wow. I just got to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and I cannot help but share with you.

I woke up early this morning since Iraise and I are going on a seacanoe tour of Phang Nga Bay in a little while. I was quietly getting ready when one of the girls in our small dorm came to my partitioned room to ask for help. She felt terribly sick to her stomach and asked if I had a tea bag. I rummaged through my things remembering that I like to carry at least one bag of black tea with me but found none. I asked if she wanted medicine but she had taken something already. It seems the salad she ate made her really sick, and to make matters worse, she felt terrible about getting sick in the bathroom.

I checked with Iraise, and praise God she had tea…not just any tea, but special tea from Mexico for quieting upset stomachs. That particular need fulfilled, I silently asked the Lord what I could do and went to wash my face. As my friend gave her the tea, I discovered that this girl indeed got sick in the bathroom area. =( While I finished washing my face and prayed quietly, the thought came to pray with her. And in comes Iraise shortly thereafter asking, “Would you like to pray with her?” Love the unity of the Spirit. =)

After confirming that she wanted us to, we prayed with her, asking the Lord to heal her and give her peace. She was so grateful. She confessed that she felt so sick and alone being far from home, but God allowed us this opportunity to love her and befriend her.

We found out our new friend is from Portugal and was teaching English in southeast China. Coincidence that two Latinas would be rooming next to her? And that my friend is also teaching English in China? And, I kid you not, now she’s decided to rest today and to head to Bangkok tomorrow by train… just like we are traveling to Bangkok tomorrow by train?

No coincidence.

Definitely the work of the Father. =)

And it’s not the first time that it’s happened during our travels. Whether meeting Californians on my first day in China, traveling with the Chileans we met at breakfast in Beijing, meeting a guy from Long Beach in Shanghai because we checked into our hostel the exact same time (who we then hung out with at lunch at a yummy Chinese Muslim hole in the wall place), or sharing a taxi ride with a young German couple who live in Shanghai… God has orchestrated our meetings, delayed travel plans, booked up trains, changed our agenda. And He keeps doing amazing things through us being ourselves and He keeps moving in incredible ways.

After leaving our weary friend to rest, without many words, Iraise and I went to clean the bathroom together. As we did such a simple act, I felt the compassion of the Lord in it. This must be what Mother Teresa felt in the streets if Calcutta. My hands were being used by Jesus, and what could be considered very unpleasant work was transformed into an act of worship. “If you’ve done it to the least if these my brothers, you’ve done it unto Me.”

I cannot tell you what a holy moment that was as my friend and I finished wiping down the floor with makeup cleansing towelettes and Wet Ones. Hmm…it’s even profound to realize that in my packing haste and prayers that I would bring what was needed though I felt I hadn’t prepared, God led me to bring what He knew was needed.

Iraise and I hugged each other: this was holy ground. This was God answering our prayers again to use us on this trip to minister His love and truth. My eyes water just thinking of it. Again, God knows what everyone needs, and He’s wanting His sons and daughters to live surrendered before Him, letting Him shape our plans and agenda so that His Kingdom will break through our lives to a dying, lost, and lonely world who needs our Lord Jesus.

I am firm believer that whatever we do (working at Starbucks or at an orphanage), wherever we go (whether California or Thailand), that God means to work through us so that He will bring all men, women, and children to a saving knowledge of His love and presence.

So what are your plans today? Are you willing to ask Him to come in and have His way?

So now we are off we go to sea canoeing. Can’t wait to see what more the Lord will do in and through us today.

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