The Constant in the Midst of Change

“Our God will not be moved. Our God will never change. Our God will reign forevermore.”
– Tommy Walker, “I Will Not Be Shaken”

So I think I had an epiphany…

Life really is all about our walking with the Lord, isn’t it? Is that why everything else can pale so in comparison? Why it’s so temporary, uncertain, or ever-changing in nature?

The realization that God is so faithful, steadfast, immovable, unchanging, always present with us makes me realize that He truly is the only constant in life. His presence is the best gift that we can enjoy in this life. Everything else that is good flows from this deep-rooted center of relationship with Him.

In a world where change is inevitable and circumstances move faster than the current of a rushing stream, I realize more than ever that I want something stable, something secure, something I can cling to. I’ve looked at so many other places for this: family, job, home, friends, prospects, hopes, dreams, talents, abilities, etc., and yet I always find I’m left wanting. I want to settle down and plant roots. I want to know what my future holds. After I pitch my tent, I want to know if I should get comfortable here, or if I should prepare to relocate camp. I don’t want to invest if I’m just going to have to pick up and leave again. I don’t like the tension.

But it’s only through this tension, as He moves me from comfort to change, that I realize I’ve done it again: I’ve started to rest in other things, build on other foundations than Him. Then when the quaking and trembling comes, when the quiet storm of discontent builds, when the good I’ve known begins to slip away into mere memory, or when I find the new isn’t as satisfying as I had once hoped, I am unmasked. And it’s for my own good.

I’m still chewing on this thought, but I think there is such a deep truth here that it deserves to be pondered. The God of the universe is with me. With us. Fully present. Right now. Always. And He enjoys it. He just wants to spend time with me. And I simply need to be with Him.


It’s like my life has been (and is) a road trip with God, and while the scenery flies by, He remains. As we journey together from place to place, the home I long for is right there with me. As rough roads come and traffic grinds to a halt, He’s my constant friend. When we reach one of our destinations, He’s smiling at me as I pull out my camera. When I miss an exit on the highway, He’s patiently giving me new directions to put me on the right path. He’s listening closely as I pour out my heart or sing one of our favorite songs at the top of my lungs.

Awe and gratitude overwhelm my heart; regret stirs at the edges of my mind for the times that I’ve missed this simple truth. Yet, just as quickly, I sense His grace flood me, His delight shine on me, and His love fill me. It doesn’t matter where I go; the journey with Him is what matters. Funny, how this change in perspective causes the outcome and the answers to fade from importance into obscurity. Yes, knowing Him – that’s the real goal.


All I can think to do is turn toward Him and find out what He’d like to do together next. I feel like He’s been there waiting for me to ask. Maybe we make dinner. Yeah, that sounds nice. =)

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