Relationships, Your Heart, and Staying in Love

This past week, I was browsing about online and stumbled upon a series by Andy Stanley on Staying in Love. It. Was. So. Good. There’s really no point for me to summarize – all I can say is listen, listen, listen! No matter your marital status, these messages will encourage you in learning to love others the way that Christ has loved us.

One of the issues Andy brings up is the whole “guarding your heart” thing. I nearly had to stifle a groan. Uh oh. Where is this going?

Now, if you’ve kept up on my blog, then you know where I stand on the cost of love and so-called “guarding” of your heart. But as I kept an open mind and listened (mainly because everything he said up to that point was so right on), I found that Andy takes a slightly different spin on guarding your heart than what’s traditionally discussed. He says it’s key for us to learn to monitor our heart because what’s inside will come out no matter how hard we try to manage our behavior, and that I agree with.

In part 4 of the Staying in Love series, Andy mentioned a series he did that dealt with guarding your heart in depth. After scouring the Internet some more, I found the “It Came from Within” series. I’m listening right now and all I can think is, Wow. More of us need to hear this and engage this! So join me. Have a listen. It’ll be the best 45-minutes times 9 you’ll spend and will strengthen your walk, your relationships, and your heart.

Staying in Love – Part 1-4
(when you get there, click on the little numbers under the video player to view/listen to all the parts of the series)

It Came from Within
Part 1: The Hidden Chamber
Part 2: Luring Them into the Open
Part 3: That Hideous Thing
Part 4: Five Sticky Fingers
Part 5: Killing the Beast

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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