Your Heart: It Matters

Did you know that your heart matters?

Probably more than you realize?

Simply managing your behavior is not enough to address the true issues of your heart. You have to face the contents within if you will ever find healing and freedom. And God, who is Healer and “tries the feeling and the heart,” is the only One who can bring restoration in you and anyone else connected.

Don’t wait. Take the time. Go to Him now. Tell Him everything…yeah, even that scary stuff. Confess your sins one to another. Be reconciled to your brother or sister. You don’t have to carry all those burdens anymore. Take it from one who is learning more and more the depth of this truth: God is here.

(Proverbs 4:23; Jeremiah 11:20a; Matthew 11:28-30; James 5:16; Matthew 23-24; I John 1:8-9; I Peter 5:5-7)

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