Thanking Him for the Not Yet


I was listening to a sermon about the desires of your heart by Charles Stanley and found this prayer he offered extremely helpful. Use it as a catalyst for your heart in giving thanks. Believe me, once you get started, you’ll find it easier and easier to offer Him the sacrifice of praise in every circumstance:

“Father, I want to thank You that You’re giving me the desires of my heart. Today, I’m going to delight myself in You. Today, I’m going to commit everything to You. I’m going to trust You, and I’m going to rest in the fact that You’re my Heavenly Father, and You have everything under control. And I’m going to wait for Your perfect timing to give me the desires of my heart. Today, I’m focusing on You. I’m taking pleasure in who You are in me today.”

One thought on “Thanking Him for the Not Yet

  1. I usually say: Father, I thank you for giving me another day. Holy Spirit help me to get
    through today.

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