To Be Found Approved


I have been deeply encouraged by the life story of a man I never had the pleasure to meet. His name is Dr. Howard G. Hendricks and he was a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. He recently passed away, which I learned from a former student of his whose Twitter feed I follow. He included a link to a tribute to Dr. Hendricks, and I’m glad I followed it.

As I learned more about Dr. Hendricks’ life, such passion and admiration swelled in my heart. I told the Lord, “I want to live a life like that!” Dr. Hendricks reminded me of some of my own seminary professors who had such a fire in their heart for God, a love of His Word, and a dedication to do His will. It reminded me what God can do with a life fully surrendered to Him, one that is not about “resting on talent” but allowing the Spirit of God to do amazing things by His supernatural power that bring forth light, life, and glory to His name.

That’s my dream… to live a life where His power and glory are fully seen, where I decrease and He increases all the more…

Oh for God to make us men and women like He did this one! To raise up more of His children to live by the power of His Spirit and the supernatural depth and breadth of His vision!

My continued prayer is that God would make me a woman like that, and as I’ve been reminded today, He will be faithful to complete that work in me. May He continue stirring in each one of us the very life of Christ and an utter passion for His glory that isn’t satisfied with the trappings of cultural “success” but only fulfilled in “His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

One thought on “To Be Found Approved

  1. Hi Sheree:

    Thanks for the info on Dr. Hendericks. It brings one back to the Apostle Paul. To live is Christ but to die is gain. When the world does not mean so much to us but that all we do here is for gain in the heavenly kingdom of Jesus Christ. That is what matters most.

    God Bless, In Christ M

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