It’s Not Too Late to Love Him


As I ponder my own heart and the things that God is calling me to, this quote from Thomas Kelly rings so true:

“In this day when the burdens of humanity press so heavily upon us I would begin not first with techniques of service but with the most ‘Serious Call to a Devout Life,’ a life of such humble obedience to the Inner Voice as we have scarcely dared to dream. Hasten unto Him who calls you in the silences of your heart. The Hound of Heaven is ever near us, the voice of the Shepherd is calling us home. Too long have we lingered in double-minded obedience and dared not the certainties of His love. For Him do ye seek, all ye pearl merchants. He is ‘the food of grown men.’ Hasten unto Him who is the chief actor of the drama of time and Eternity. It is not too late to love Him utterly and obey Him implicitly and be baptized with the power of the apostolic life.”

–Thomas R. Kelly, A Holy Obedience

In whatever He is calling you to, it’s not too late. Love Him. Trust Him. Don’t weep long over the time you’ve let go by or the mistakes you’ve made. His grace is here for you, and the Spirit is ready to help you take a step in faith.

It’s time to obey.


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