Quiet + Photography: Portraits of Yosemite


So… I know it seems I almost rarely post nowadays. And even now, I’m posting a photo from 9 months ago. But I’m realizing that doesn’t matter much to me…

You know, the idea of novelty…

And always saying something

As if when we aren’t talking, then we don’t exist…

From Portraits of Yosemite on Flickr

(And aren’t we all a little weary of that in our social media-fest society?)

For me, I only want to share when I really feel moved to say/write/post/snap/whatever. In this particular case, it means I’m sharing these photos from 9 months ago. 😉

But does the age of the photo really affect the quality of the content?

I didn’t think so either. =)

(And if it’s Parmesan, time actually makes it better, no? 😉 )

I have to admit – this quiet has been scary in some ways, refreshing in others. It seems King Solomon was right: There’s a time for everything, and if I may put it in plain vernacular, a time for “saying” and a time for “shutting up.” Now is my quiet time. And quiet is breathtaking in its ability to rejuvenate, restore, and replenish one’s creativity.

I’m not sure when this quiet time will end..sometimes I’m afraid it won’t end…but I’m learning to be okay with that and trust the Father on that. After all, I am more than my perceived productivity. But when I do have something to post again here at sherjc.com… Watch out! Then I’ll be saying something again, and hopefully, it will be even more meaningful than ever before.

Until then, enjoy the “latest” photos I took while in Yosemite last year during (perhaps ironically) a retreat into the Sierras for a time of intentional quiet with Him.

And maybe, just maybe, you can consider whether it’s time for your own swim in the lake of quiet…

Because you’re welcome to jump in at anytime…

I promise there are no sharks… 😉

Just quiet streams for miles and miles…









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