“Therefore, just as the Holy Spirit says,

‘Today if you hear His voice,
Do not harden your hearts…’

–Hebrews 3:7-8a


Uh, it’s been a while. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Nearly 2 1/2 years of silence…

Not as much time as the 400 year gap between Malachi and Matthew’s writing, but in a similar vein… something has been happening in all of that quiet.

God’s been writing new stories of His faithfulness.

And now…


It’s time to start sharing again.

(At least that’s the Spirit’s prompt I’m getting. ☺️)

So that simply, I break the silence with yet another pilgrim’s voice calling from the wilderness–– May He embolden my words and make clear my story, prompting what ought be told and quieting what is distracting to reveal more

of Him.

(Where this is going? Frankly, I’m about to learn just as much as you, dear reader!)

Many have privately asked me questions about hearing God and cultivating intimacy with Him. Some look at the life that I live as baffling, others with a curious gleam, a held breath, and a question:

Is such a life with God possible? For me?

Apparently, all these years of following (recklessly) have undergirded my voice with a new depth and authority. Experience does such things to us.

I have a few stories to tell about that… including how asking that very question of God and making my life a grand experiment of a thesis on that score proved to expand my ideas of Who God is and the type of intimacy with Him that’s possible.

Humbly, for those who want to answer such a call to deeper relationship with Jesus, I’ll share more about my own journey in this new writing season…

likely with all the gore and romance, the authenticity and joy, the doubts and the questioning that makes any story worth telling.

If I’ve learned anything in the last 7 years, this Faithful God is just after our “yes.” He tenderly poses invitations to us in the ordinary, in the quiet, in the crises, in the doubt, in the times where the clamor is pervasive and His voice seemingly imperceptible.

Will we lean in? Hear Him?

What happens when we do?

And then if we hear…

What then?

How do we not “harden” but consistently stretch our hearts in response?

Until then, let me summarize with this thought:


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