Okay, I said I’d write about this listening thing, so here we go.

On my mind today is the reckless nature of listening to God. As a friend and I just talked about earlier, it’s the kind of put-yourself-out-there, all-on-the-line, I’m-standing-on-a-ledge, dear-Jesus-please-tell-me-there’s-something-after-this-ledge-to-catch-me kind of reckless.

But it’s not just any kind of reckless.

(Hey, anyone can do that!)

It’s our reckless response to His Word of instruction.

So right now I am out on that faith-limb so to speak, waiting for His next Word as I’ve followed every thing He’s said up to now. As my position gets more precarious and my vision more obscured by wind and waves, I’m starting to wonder…

Am I crazy?

Did I hear right?

Maybe I took this one a little too far…

Is it time to take over?

Surely God doesn’t mean for me to be this uncomfortable, right?

And just as the sounds around me and circumstances I see start to close in, I hear Him:

“Wait. I’m here.”

Of course my immediate response?

“Uh… wait?! Don’t You see that I’m in a bit of a predicament here? Kinda about to go under if I wait too much longer. I mean, I was crazy to walk out this far! Who would expect this to last, to be sustainable? I need to take care of these very real needs standing in front of me!”

Then of course, silence.

So I have a choice:

Lean in?

Lean away?

Again, I choose to lean in. Again, I choose to believe He’s providing for me. Again, I submit to the specific limb He has me on.

One thought on “Reckless.

  1. Thanks for sharing Lv M If God tells us to step out he has a net to catch us. He loves us so he will not allow us to fall. Jesus loves you.🎺💒🎸

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