Keep Sowing

“We shall reap with rejoicing, as we keep on sowing seed.”

It was a way of restating this verse from Psalm 126 that seems to only come when turning the Psalms back into lyrical verse. My time of worship this morning was sweet and spilled into a Spirit-nudged time of streaming and now writing here.

It has been difficult to return… in ways to myself. There have been so many parts to my story, to my journey with so many miles logged, it almost seems impossible to start to begin to put the pieces back together again of my narrative. So many extra chapters have been thrown in and others taken, it almost seems haphazard…except I know the Person Who is authoring it with me beside Him.

I’ve reached for familiar wells, good wells, tried and true wells. I’ve mostly been taught in sermons that most wells were wells of our own digging, with nothing good in them. (Of course I speak figuratively and not of physical wells.) But I was reminded recently of the good wells that run dry.

I’ve written of it before, perhaps even within the last year, but Isaac once tried to recapture a well that rightly belonged to him. His father, Abraham had dug these wells, but somewhere along the God-led journey away from them. And by the time Isaac was old enough to come back to them with a family of his own, he found them stolen, overtaken, and if I am remembering rightly, battled over.

But rather than keep fighting…

Fighting for the old things…

Isaac continued onward by faith…

And found that God had provided new things, new space, new room where Isaac could now dig his own wells… with God as his own God.

The story is in Genesis chapter 26, verses 12 and following, and it’s worth revisiting. For the Lord has a strange way of leading people away from the old and familiar to come with Him to the new and unfamiliar good He had waiting for them, sometimes in the same but changed spaces.

For me, I am back in some familiar country…a land named “stability.” It is a land marked by permanent housing, financial security, enough to eat, and enough to share easily.

But the same old wells…

aren’t working.

Good wells. But old wells. Even some wrongly blocked from me though it is part of my rightful inheritance.

But God.

God of the Redirect. He has new wells. New seed. New harvests in mind.

So in this unfamiliar familiar land, I am learning how to dig new wells. And as I find the Lord making room for me here, apart from the good old and the bad old, I see new things growing from new seed and soil.

I am free to proceed without anyone bothering or contending with me over old wells for here, the Lord has made room for me this day.

And like Isaac, I will wait for Him to come meet me, unexpectedly, in the night.

“Then he went up from there to Beersheba. The Lord appeared to him the same night and said,

“‘I am the God of your father Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you. I will bless you and multiply your descendants, for the sake of my servant Abraham.’

“So he built an altar there and called upon the name of the Lord, and pitched his tent there; and Isaac’s servants dug a well.” —Genesis 26:23-25

It’s time for me to start digging more of my wells, which means letting go in order to receive the new God is doing with me. All these transforming miles logged are not for nothing. The difference in me is precisely the thing God was after because the same old Sheree couldn’t produce the harvest He’s after now.

So I keep sowing and keep going…

Even if in tears…

Because the Lord of the Harvest has made room.

And an abundant NEW is on its way.

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