The Rhythm of Grief (a word to myself)

As I orient myself following a sudden immersion into the depths of loss, I find myself ready to speak again…but in the quiet corners not amongst the noise:

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You need grace too, not just to give it to others. So you need to give yourself grace.

Parenting yourself is the best way you can affirm your value and worth.

Sleep. Whenever you want. You’ll know when it’s enough.

Play. It’s okay to have fun.

Connection with safe people is most important. There will be few, if that much. Choose carefully. You are a treasure and your grief is such.

It’s okay to cry. Like sudden rains, let the seeds of life that have died get nourishment to become new things.

Patience is a virtue for those caught up in grief. Pace yourself. Listen to yourself. Give voice to everything before the Lord. It’s okay to say; just let Him in.

Eat. Good foods. Nourishing foods. The simplest part is valuing your body most of all.

A walk. A ride. A journey. Repeat.

Alone is good. You can be alone with others too. Pull back as much as you need to. You don’t need to do for others as much as you need to do for you.

Take care what you listen to. If it brings hope, even if through tears, it is good for you.

Don’t underestimate the power of a caring voice who truly knows. Open yourself up to those, only those. Your grief is not treasure for everyone— only those who can hold your treasure as valuable because they also value (and share) their own.

Get away by yourself to a lonely place. Quiet yourself. Don’t be afraid. Life and movement will come again.

Learn. Grow. Stay still. No big decisions. Just small ones…day by day.

Keep writing. Journaling. Processing. Integrating. As it comes, engage. Rest, then repeat.

God is near, is not through, and can hold out hope for you. Don’t force yourself to. Be weak. Be faint. Wait. He will come through.

Allow the letting go to shape you. Trust the process…that He’s got you. And when you’re ready, talk to someone near you. You don’t have to understand you; you just get to be you.

You will make it through. Acknowledge your grief. Give it your precious tears before the Father. Let your tears give way to breath. And let your heart let go of sorrow….

New will come.

2 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Grief (a word to myself)

  1. The Lord will supply just be willing to give it up don’t get too impatient. He is there. Love, Mom🌻💞🎸

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