About Sheree

I’m a gal who loves walking with Christ, listening to good stories, time in the outdoors and travel, great conversations that laugh and make me think, and creating with words, music, and visuals to reveal His beauty.

I also enjoy the simple joys of life, like quality time with dear ones over a home-cooked meal, quiet walks outside, and a great book or journal with a spot of coffee or tea within easy reach. I call California home, and after all my travels, it remains my most favorite place to be.

Many years ago, I experienced a huge life plot twist as I heard quiet Divine stirrings within and my desire for “more” from life. I didn’t really know what to do next, but I knew I could not ignore it.

As I listened to myself and sought God’s Voice on the matter, it became clearer and clearer to me that I was at a crucial turning point: Like Peter’s encounter at his fishing boat, Jesus had shown up at my boat, whispering gently, “Follow Me.”

While it was no burning bush… 🔥

It was the gentle nudges of the Spirit that might have been easy to overlook if I hadn’t been paying attention.

(I imagine that’s how Moses felt too.)

Though I couldn’t know what was in store, I left “safe” behind, I chose to go by faith and entered the unknown under His gentle leadership.

Little did I know then that God would take me on a new adventure to make me more Sheree than I’ve ever been.

I’m delighted to say that every “yes” to Jesus has meant a newer, deeper, truer expression of me, with vistas I never would have seen apart from His grace and faith-building leadership. It’s come at cost, but in the highs and lows and everything in between, it was worth it for the profound clarity and intimate experience of Jesus it afforded me.

Now, I find myself enjoying time to research, write, and intentionally walk alongside men and women in their own faith journey, encouraging their pursuit of Jesus and deeper maturity in Him so they can be and do all that He’s called them to in the Kingdom.

In the process of obedience and trusting God like no other, I’ve found more of the beauty, strength, and truth of Jesus. And I certainly hope that you catch a glimpse of His glory through what you read and see here. May you pause, think, and be stirred to dream, to listen for the longing for in your own heart, and to reach for the “more” the Father has in store for your own journey with Him.