About Sheree

I’m a gal who loves Christ, photography, writing, music, theology, and great conversations that make me laugh and think. I also enjoy the simple joys of life, like spending time with loved ones over a home-cooked meal or reading a great book with a hot cup of black tea within easy reach. I call California home, and after all my travels, it still remains one of my favorite places to be.

And after over 10 years of successfully furthering Christ’s mission in the Web/UX industry, I… um… well… quit.


Yep, quit. (more on that venture out of the boat, some of the immediate aftermath, and a few insights since.)

Just like Peter’s encounter at his fishing boat, Jesus interrupted my well-established, secure, socially acceptable, 9-to-5 work life and plans, and said “Follow Me.” His call came at a time when I was experiencing Divine stirrings within and desiring “more” from life, but I didn’t really know what to do next. I knew I was at a crucial turning point.

Though I couldn’t know what was in store, it was time to leave “safe” behind, trust Jesus, and enter the unknown with Him by obeying His call to drop my proverbial “nets” to follow Him too.

< insert combination of fear/glee/panic/delight here >

Little did I know then that God would take me on a new adventure of on-the-job preparation for assignment-based, relational missions work where I could engage my passion for one-on-one discipleship and supporting Church ministry leaders locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

Like Philip the evangelist, Ananias, Barnabas, and Priscilla and Aquila, the Lord continues to provide me with immersive opportunities to intentionally walk alongside men and women in their faith journey, encourage their pursuit of and abiding in Christ, and lead them into deepening maturity in Him so they can be and do all that He’s called them to in the Kingdom. It’s such a gift to come to each day and say, “God, here I am…please use me!” in such a unique way.

Years later, I find that saying “yes” to the still small voice of the Spirit is still the best thing I’ve ever done. (And for sure, you want to confirm it’s indeed God’s voice you’re hearing before you do any such craziness!) In the process of obedience and trusting God like no other, I’ve found more of the beauty, strength, and truth of Jesus. And somewhere along the way, God’s transformed me, deepened my trust in Him, and remarkably made me even more me than I’ve ever been.

At times, it’s tough to live without some “plan” all spelled out, but I’m learning to trust my Guide in greater measure and enjoy the freedom of His way. One thing’s for sure: It’s absolutely worth it. What a delight to walk closer with Jesus and see His faithful hand at work each day in the lives of others! I can confirm that as we follow Jesus wherever He leads, He definitely transforms us, grows us, works through us, and brings about tons of that amazing, lasting, God-cultivated fruit our world so desperately needs (John 15).

I certainly hope that you catch a glimpse of His glory through what you read and see here. May it all give you pause to think, stir you to dream, and encourage you to daily reach for the faithful One Who is the great I AM.