I’m in Love!

I was asking some coworkers the other day if there was anything wrong with loving your own photo… Then I quickly corrected myself (connecting the dots on how weird that sounds outside my desired context), explaining that I meant loving a picture I took rather than a picture of myself. 😉

Anyhow, I must declare it: I’m in LOVE! This photo stole my heart when I first spotted it and has yet to give it back. Of course I had to add it as my phone’s wallpaper too… Continue reading

Day 12: Light of the Sun

Day 12: Light of the Sun
, originally uploaded by sherjc.

The beauty is there…you just have to go look for it.

This Photo 365 project I’ve been engaged in has been a test of the will, imagination, and inner resolve. There are times when I’m excited about this project, but often it feels like a chore or yet another thing to accomplish from the list. I admit yet again after a long day at work, I remembered that I hadn’t taken today’s photo yet and just thought, “Oh crap. I’m tired, and there’s just so much to do, and I’m not even home yet. I don’t feel like trying to be creative!” Sigh. Continue reading

Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing, originally uploaded by sherjc.

I’ve been having fun taking pictures for work lately. I took this picture on the way back from a long, long meeting. I was crossing the parking lot to get back to the office when I met with this amazing view. And if you’ve seen my work, you know that me and trees, well, we have a delightful relationship. 😉

I love how God delights us with wonder throughout our day if we will look for it and take the time to notice. It was definitely a great way to wrap the day. =) I hope you are overwhelmed by His amazing beauty today!

Captivating Hues

Captivating Hues, originally uploaded by sherjc.

I was getting off of work today when I saw one of the most beautiful California sunsets. The colors just arrested me. I had to break out my little Canon to try to capture it. I wish I could have transported myself over LA traffic straight to the beach to watch. (Although a view from the top of the foothills would have been splendid too. =) )

Happy New Year!