Day 12: Light of the Sun

Day 12: Light of the Sun, originally uploaded by sherjc. The beauty is there…you just have to go look for it. This Photo 365 project I’ve been engaged in has been a test of the will, imagination, and inner resolve. There are times when I’m excited about this project, but often it feels like a […]

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Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing, originally uploaded by sherjc. I’ve been having fun taking pictures for work lately. I took this picture on the way back from a long, long meeting. I was crossing the parking lot to get back to the office when I met with this amazing view. And if you’ve seen my work, you know […]

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Captivating Hues

Captivating Hues, originally uploaded by sherjc. I was getting off of work today when I saw one of the most beautiful California sunsets. The colors just arrested me. I had to break out my little Canon to try to capture it. I wish I could have transported myself over LA traffic straight to the beach […]

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Humble Birth

Humble birth, originally uploaded by sherjc. I had a difficult time coming up with a title for this that captured exactly what this image evokes in me. It’s not just the humility of a birth in a manger, but there’s such an intimacy, an honesty that’s present in this scene. This photo speaks to my […]

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Observe, originally uploaded by sherjc. I was at Mt. Wilson, walking along with some friends back to our cars, when a familiar voice said, “Look up.”  So I stopped and looked up. That’s when I saw this shot. When I’m in nature, I’m struck by how often I get focused on looking ahead, consumed with […]

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