Surrendering to Hope: A Visit to the Karen

How do you tell a story?

A story that’s probably already been told by dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands?

One that largely remains hidden from most?

With just one voice and a few photographs?

This is my attempt to tell a story. Really, it is a compilation of stories likely told and shown before, but this time, it comes from my perspective. I should have told it months ago, but perhaps I was not ready… I just didn’t feel what I had was adequate for the task. But I’ve come to realize that in sharing this story, it’s not about my talent for words or whether my photographs will “wow” anyone. It’s simple: I just want to tell what I’ve seen, and I trust that God will do the rest. Continue reading

Culture. Shock. In. Staccato.

Feb 11, 1:13p In-N-Out LA


Jet lag.

Culture shock.

Whatever moniker you use to describe the cocktail of experiences that go on when you return from being in a foreign country for any great length of time, well, I’m experiencing it for sure.

Overwhelming. That was the first word that came to mind while the thrill of coming back to American soil was still fresh in my mind on Thursday morning. Why? I went to Chipotle. Continue reading

A Thankful Heart in Chiang Rai

9:01 p.m., Night Bazaar, Chiang Rai

It’s my last night in Thailand, and I’m here at the local night bazaar, finally sitting down for a late dinner. Chicken soup and 7-Up are on the menu today. I’m afraid it’s all that’s sounded good. I almost made it through my whole trip without incident until I got sick yesterday. =( Let’s just say that last night was not fun. =( x2 A combination of getting too much sun (not advisable when on the anti-malaria meds I’m taking) and eating something that sat out a bit did me in.

But praise God even in the midst of feeling completely miserable. Why? Well, I was planning to leave Chiang Mai for Chiang Rai Monday morning instead of today, but felt the slightest hesitation. Even as I was trying to book a room for the 2 nights I had planned to be in Chiang Rai, I kept hitting a brick wall in my search. Hours later, I decided to give up and resume on Monday morning. Continue reading