Culture. Shock. In. Staccato.

Feb 11, 1:13p In-N-Out LA Reentry. Jet lag. Culture shock. Whatever moniker you use to describe the cocktail of experiences that go on when you return from being in a foreign country for any great length of time, well, I’m experiencing it for sure. Overwhelming. That was the first word that came to mind while […]

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A Thankful Heart in Chiang Rai

9:01 p.m., Night Bazaar, Chiang Rai It’s my last night in Thailand, and I’m here at the local night bazaar, finally sitting down for a late dinner. Chicken soup and 7-Up are on the menu today. I’m afraid it’s all that’s sounded good. I almost made it through my whole trip without incident until I […]

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Walking in His Love

Still Early Morning, Chiang Mai So I’ve been praying a lot for the Lord to have His way during my time here. I didn’t want this to be simply a fun holiday (although much fun has been had!), but I sensed God’s leading me here to hear Him speak and to surrender each day to […]

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