Crying Out from the Depths

When life seems to mean searching for the way forward while finding a lot of dead ends, it isn’t difficult to wonder, what in the world you are doing.  I awoke this morning to the sound of a late alarm and much on my heart.  The last several days have been filled with crying out of the depths of my being to the One who made me and struggling to discern which way to go. Continue reading

Pondering 1 Timothy 2

From the archives – Summer 2003

(I make no claims to be a Biblical scholar, but this was my honest attempt to understand Scripture by looking at the text itself.)

This morning, I was reading I Timothy 2, the ever so controversial passage since those that argue against women teaching in the church use this passage as grounds for their belief. I myself strive to know the truth about this matter, since I have never reached a firm conclusion on this issue (although I know what I am inclined to believe even if I do not have sufficient “proof”). As a result, I have been very aware of Scriptures pertaining to the roles of men and women and decided to pay especially close attention as I read. During the process, I wrote down some of my thoughts. Continue reading