Late-night Confessional


Late night, somewhere before 4 a.m.

Tears. Yes, tears. That’s what I find always come when God speaks so specifically to my need, especially when I least expect it. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed. After all, it’s the God of the universe Who is talking to me.

(for those of you who don’t get as teary, stick with me…)

I woke up in the middle of the night needing a “midnight” snack. I got up, fixed myself some plain yogurt with maple syrup, and sat on my couch for a bit in the dark so my eyes wouldn’t have to adjust too much. (The light of the refrigerator was about all I could take.) As thoughts of yesterday and concerns for tomorrow entered my head, I just laid them out before the Lord in brief, sleepiness inducing me to confess them quickly without much filtering. With my late-night confessional over and rumbly in my tumbly addressed, I went back to bed.

But I didn’t feel sleepy anymore. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Valentine

Feb 14, 7:13p, Starbucks

I found myself feeling sleepy on the way home from work, so I stopped off the freeway to visit Starbucks for a cup of tea. I took a quick power nap in the car, then headed inside to order my earl grey and the blueberry scone that looked so lovely from behind the glass window case. I had my Bible with me and chapters to read for next week’s study, so I figured I’d just spend some time with the Lord here. Guess this turned into an impromptu date with my Beloved.

Today is Valentine’s Day. I have to be honest — I almost completely forgot about it. But this year, for some reason, I wanted the Lord to be my Valentine, and so this morning, I asked for His presence and His presents to come through in this day. I wanted His flowers. I wanted His candy. I wanted His thoughtful notes. Continue reading

The Perspective of Thin Air

From the archives – Summer 2007

Every time I get on a plane, I am faced with my own mortality. It may seem a little morbid, but as soon as the plane begins to back out of its gate, my mind starts to prattle on in a somber direction. I offer a silent prayer for the safety of my flight and the other passengers. I remind myself that God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear as a brief wave of anxiousness washes over me and my stomach tightens. Continue reading

Into Something Beautiful

From the archives – Summer 2007

(Jars of Clay’s song “Something Beautiful” inspired this post. Enjoy.)

Recently, I spent some time at the Getty, and every time I go, I am reminded just how much I love it there. It’s in a beautiful location with wonderful architecture, gardens, and collections. As my friend and I hung out there, I felt so invigorated. My dusty, creative photography skills started to rev up and ideas of different shots and perspectives began to fill my mind. Reflections on 20th century European drawings reminded me how much I want to develop my sketching ability and learn more about line, value, and shading. Taking in a specially featured Manet led me to ponder perspective and the fluid nature of painting as it breaks the bounds of the expected and conveys feeling, challenges your notions of the possible, and pushes you to consider what isn’t always obvious. Continue reading