A Different Kind of Valentine

Feb 14, 7:13p, Starbucks I found myself feeling sleepy on the way home from work, so I stopped off the freeway to visit Starbucks for a cup of tea. I took a quick power nap in the car, then headed inside to order my earl grey and the blueberry scone that looked so lovely from […]

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The Perspective of Thin Air

From the archives – Summer 2007 Every time I get on a plane, I am faced with my own mortality. It may seem a little morbid, but as soon as the plane begins to back out of its gate, my mind starts to prattle on in a somber direction. I offer a silent prayer for […]

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Into Something Beautiful

From the archives – Summer 2007 (Jars of Clay’s song “Something Beautiful” inspired this post. Enjoy.) Recently, I spent some time at the Getty, and every time I go, I am reminded just how much I love it there. It’s in a beautiful location with wonderful architecture, gardens, and collections. As my friend and I […]

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“I Am Understood”

I find that the Holy Spirit will bring songs to my mind right when I need them. They are usually songs I’ve heard over and over and sung a million times, but it’s in these moments when God brings them to mind that I find the words sink deeply into the core of my being. […]

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What’s In A Fortune?

At work, we now have four Chinese fast food eateries to pick from within a 1 to 2 mile radius from the office. We’re so spoiled. For lunch today, I opted for one of my mom and pop favorites that pays an ode to the “king of pop” with its name. I hopped into my […]

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