You Are Making Me New…

“Beautiful Things” by Gungor

I’ve sung this song several times at a few different churches before even knowing who wrote it. Of course – Gungor. It might be a simple song, but it’s a profound one, one that resonates with me in my current season in a way that seems like it’s the theme for my life. It’s a song of truth. It’s a song of hope. It’s a song of beauty arising…

I can’t wait to see the new me once He’s finished.


I’m considering a fast from exclamation points. I’m tired of equating them with smiley-ness, peppy-ness, and personable-ness. Have I neglected the other members of the punctuation family for the appeal of the “!” ?

Whatever happened to a simple “Thanks.” or “See you soon.” with its inherent joy? Why does just plain “Thanks.” seem so curt and stuffy? And why must I use more than one “!” when one is powerful enough?

In truth, due to overuse, my exclamation points hardly mean mean anything anymore! <— (10 pts if you knew what that “!” meant. 😉 )

Pondering the Allure of the Mysterious Mr. Darcy

From the archives – Summer 2007

Over the last couple of nights, I watched Pride and Prejudice (BBC) because it had been a while, and I was in the mood for a good story. As I consider this story, whether in film or the original Austen novel, there are so many elements and perspectives to explore, a process which could be enjoyed for quite some time, but instead, I choose to focus this entry on Mr. Darcy and what makes him so engaging and intriguing. Continue reading

Some Blogs Can’t Be Buried

So if you’ve read my “About Me,” then you know this is not my first blog attempt. In fact, I just stumbled upon (tech geeks may laugh now…hee, hee) my blog on Blogger. I had completely forgotten about that thing! Funny thing is that it contains some posts that I put on another old blogging attempt (my old website). And then there’s the MySpace blog attempt. Yeesh!

Anyway, I’ve decided that I should probably unearth the content on these poor things…content that probably never saw the light of day and enjoyed anything called a page view. Well, we must put an end to that, right? =)

Look for new-old posts soon! And for the love of turkey, someone post a comment! I feel like I’m talking to the wall! 😉