Emerging Me(ans)

It’s difficult to wait for new to emerge. It’s so easy to remember what once was and begin thinking in the old ways, the old patterns. But to detox and let go of what once was, to acknowledge and mourn the losses… Then wait. Waiting does not mean nothing or nothingness. (Although it can certainly […]

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Walking through Walls

Waiting is a hard place to be. When waiting is necessary. When it is necessary to stop. When it is necessary to take stock. When it is necessary to contend with loss. When it is necessary to let go. It is hard to stop. And sit in it. To let it happen and not run […]

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The Uncertainty of New

What do you do when the new God is holding out in front of you doesn’t look like the way you expected it to? I can trace my steps through disappointment. The disappointment of dreams that died. The disappointment that my ambition and drive and desire ended in. The disappointment that showed hope wasn’t a […]

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Heart Pace

It’s so much slower dealing with the heart. I am finding that the more I desire to live from my heart, to lean into the whispers of the Spirit I find so clear when I lean into my heart… The more I have to actually attend to my heart and its pace. I have work […]

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