Keep Sowing

“We shall reap with rejoicing, as we keep on sowing seed.” It was a way of restating this verse from Psalm 126 that seems to only come when turning the Psalms back into lyrical verse. My time of worship this morning was sweet and spilled into a Spirit-nudged time of streaming and now writing here. […]

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Resurrected Hope

Written March 27, 2020 I’ve been really pondering disappointment and its role in making our hearts softer — more open to the Lord. I’m finding that sometimes when I’m not able to get what I am wanting or hoping for at present, I’m tempted to run away. It’s easier to bury the feelings following the […]

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Remaining Present

What’s next? It’s such a subtle, leading line of questioning. While a friend of mine and I were talking about our respective journeys this weekend, noting the similarities and differences, I found myself increasingly aware of this questioning happening (again) within me… What’s next? In the midst of a worldwide pandemic where things have shifted […]

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Getting Unstuck

Delay. Avoidance. Trouble thinking. Why is it that the most important things seem so difficult to start? I find myself this morning with a heart-urge to write and a rusty response from the rest of my body. I have effectively stalled from what I said I wanted to do for the last 5 minutes… Maybe […]

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Single Vulnerability

So restarting this blog has been more difficult than I thought. At first I had noble goals: I was going to post regularly and aim at writing quickly. I even thought of incorporating more video and less words into my posts. I could have a writing day to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, […]

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