The Lord is Near… (or 6 Days Until Christmas)

In lieu of Christmas cards this year, I write. Reflecting on 2009, there’s a major theme I see in everything that’s happened this year: God is near. He’s in the midst of our most joyous seasons, but even more profound to me now, He walks with us in the midst of our deepest valleys. He is the compassionate God. Compassion. Compati… He bears our burdens. He suffers alongside. He feels our pain… our intense, difficult, personal pain. Continue reading

Humble Birth

Humble birth
, originally uploaded by sherjc.

I had a difficult time coming up with a title for this that captured exactly what this image evokes in me. It’s not just the humility of a birth in a manger, but there’s such an intimacy, an honesty that’s present in this scene. This photo speaks to my heart about what it means to know Jesus as Emmanuel, God with us. He comes in so quietly, simply, humbly, but when He comes in, He changes everything. Continue reading

A Reason to Hope

From the archives – December 2007

(This entry kind of holds new meaning after this year’s presidential election. What does it mean to bring “hope”? Only Christ can truly answer that question.)

Hope. That’s what this season of Christmas is about for me this year. The advent of a soon-to-be-born Savior. The coming of hope and peace to the world. The Messiah who would right all wrongs and restore the world to the shalom, the wholeness in which we were meant to live. Hope that Emmanuel would soon be here. Continue reading