Traveling with the Good Shepherd

2:51 a.m. China time. I’m still en route to my destination. I must admit my confidence in Benadryl was a little misplaced as it did not help me sleep the way I thought it would. =\ Nonetheless, some sporadic rounds of sleep did come during this flight. I was thinking about this journey and how […]

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I Will

Written after reflecting on “Difficulties Concerning the Will” from Hannah Whitall Smith’s The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, particularly the following excerpts: For the decisions of our will are often so directly opposed to the decisions of our emotions that if we are in the habit of considering our emotions as the test we […]

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Believing the Truth

I’m in this weird place when it comes to writing.   I haven’t felt the same urgency to write as I have in months past, and I’ve wondered at the break in the momentum. What doesn’t help matters is that I don’t know exactly how much I want to share at present.  In light of my […]

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