Just a Thought: The Idea of Incarnational Art

sherjc.com_incarnational_art_cirToday, I read an article someone posted on Facebook on the topic of “How True Art Points to God.” As I started pondering on what I just read, I discovered some interesting food for thought.

I believe the art that truly points to God really comes from a heart that is rooted and saturated in Him, abiding in Him. It’s just the overflow of the relationship. It doesn’t have to try hard to have a “Christian” message, and it certainly doesn’t mean that those who claim the name of Jesus automatically make Christian art. It flows from the well of a deep relationship with Christ that is seasoned by His Word and led by the Spirit of God. It’s that same Spirit that overshadows us, so to speak, and delivers a message well beyond us to what is truly good, lovely, holy, and directs our hearts toward God. Continue reading

Never Once

“Never Once” by Matt Redman

This is the latest song that’s stuck with me at present. It’s so incredibly true that God is faithful… always there, never to leave or let us down. Even when we’re in the midst of disappointment, and it seems like nothing good could possibly be happening, He’s right there faithfully working out His promises in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but that’s incredibly comforting.

The Constant in the Midst of Change

“Our God will not be moved. Our God will never change. Our God will reign forevermore.”
– Tommy Walker, “I Will Not Be Shaken”

So I think I had an epiphany…

Life really is all about our walking with the Lord, isn’t it? Is that why everything else can pale so in comparison? Why it’s so temporary, uncertain, or ever-changing in nature?
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The Faithful God

During the week, I go to a study on Exodus with the girls in my life group. I was just rereading my notes from last week, I was just so struck by God’s faithfulness. As of late, it’s been easier for me to see His faithful hand at work, whether in celebrating at my friend’s wedding this weekend, experiencing the Lord responding to the (seemingly) small requests I made this week, or hearing the testimonies of God’s movement in the lives of those around me. I love how by reading the scriptures, the Lord clarifies our vision and speaks of the truth of who He is. He is so very good.

Anyway, here are some of the thoughts I had tonight about this passage. Would love to hear your thoughts too. Enjoy! Continue reading