Staying Faithful

sherjc.com_leaf_cirSaturday, February 8, 1:52 p.m. – Day 8 in the States post Thailand

I’ve been reading some of my Thailand teammates blogs recapping their experiences of our trip and the theme of faithfulness keeps coming up. After reading one friend’s writings today, I was moved to post on Facebook:

Being faithful right where you’re at, right now in the plain, ordinary, perhaps unattractive moments in life is just as important as being faithful in more desirable places… Perhaps more. He sees. It matters. Stay faithful to Him.

I read that statement a few times, mulling it over

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If You Fall…I Will Love You

If You Fall (Acoustic Version) by J.J. Heller

A dear friend let me in on a not-so-secret, wonderful musician named J.J. Heller. So thanks to her great musical and lyrical sense, I trotted on over to YouTube via her email and found myself enthralled by this song.

Honestly, listen to it – it’s beautiful. Somehow, she captured what took me many words of writing in a few minutes of song. That’s why I love music…it has such rich opportunity to sweep you away to things of beauty, truth, wonder, and awe.

Enjoy. =)

To Be Found Approved

I have been deeply encouraged by the life story of a man I never had the pleasure to meet. His name is Dr. Howard G. Hendricks and he was a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. He recently passed away, which I learned from a former student of his whose Twitter feed I follow. He included a link to a tribute to Dr. Hendricks, and I’m glad I followed it.

As I learned more about Dr. Hendricks’ life, such passion and admiration swelled in my heart. I told the Lord, “I want to live a life like that!” Dr. Hendricks reminded me of some of my own seminary professors who had such a fire in their heart for God, a love of His Word, and a dedication to do His will. Continue reading