With Spirit-led Compassion: Reaching Out to the Displaced, the Broken, and the Refugee (Part 1)


Over the past several days and weeks, I feel like our general (U.S.) American consciousness is being more and more awakened. We’ve witnessed recent world events that have really served to spotlight the issues of the years of unrest and injustice in Syria (and, if I may add, other places like it).

I just finished reading a thoughtful article about the missional component of the current Syrian situation (Thanks, Facebook friend!). As the author of the above article writes, by inviting more refugees from a geographical context that is, at best, less open to Christianity (or, at worst, outright hostile as reported by news outlets like WSJ and the Independent) to one where it is freely practiced, it’s true: we’re offering not just a safe place to live, but the opportunity to more readily learn of and choose to follow Jesus.

But when I consider the situation going on today in Syria and related parts of the world, I really think there are multiple layers to address, not just one. And so there are a host of questions weighing on my heart and mind. Continue reading

The Power of the (Unedited) Gospel

6:07 a.m., Last Morning in Chiang Mai

I’ve been thinking a lot about missions, and what it means to surrender my time, talent, and heart to the Lord to use in whatever way He wills to bring His Kingdom to the hearts and minds of all men, women, and children. Last night, I had the opportunity to spend time over dinner with some brothers and sisters I met at a local church in Chiang Mai. As they are here largely to bring the Gospel to the people (native and foreign born), we got into some interesting conversations about sharing the Gospel cross culturally and communicating to those back home about what God is doing here.

We talked about how best to share the truth about Jesus to a different culture without morphing His truth into something particular to our culture. (I know all of you who’ve studied missiology are probably getting excited right now. 😉 ) It’s a very good question though not without a good answer. Continue reading