Just a Thought: Reentry and Transitioning Home


Back in 2014 when I went with River Valley Church on Global Project Thailand, I remember being quite surprised by the process of reentry, returning from “field” work to home base. Since I’d been to both Thailand and to Minneapolis before (where I met my team and spent a month in Polar Vortex weather =| ) and had traveled widely, I didn’t really think much about reentry at the time. Unfortunately, I ended up quite overwhelmed by the adjustment process of returning from Thailand to my “temporary” home in Minneapolis and then to my “permanent” home in California. =\ It took me several weeks to fully recoup, reengage my community, and make heads or tails of my experience! Continue reading

Holy Moments

Jan 30, 6:42am Phuket

Wow. I just got to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and I cannot help but share with you.

I woke up early this morning since Iraise and I are going on a seacanoe tour of Phang Nga Bay in a little while. I was quietly getting ready when one of the girls in our small dorm came to my partitioned room to ask for help. She felt terribly sick to her stomach and asked if I had a tea bag. I rummaged through my things remembering that I like to carry at least one bag of black tea with me but found none. I asked if she wanted medicine but she had taken something already. It seems the salad she ate made her really sick, and to make matters worse, she felt terrible about getting sick in the bathroom.

I checked with Iraise, and praise God she had tea…not just any tea, but special tea from Mexico for quieting upset stomachs. That particular need fulfilled, I silently asked the Lord what I could do and went to wash my face. Continue reading