If You Fall…I Will Love You

If You Fall (Acoustic Version) by J.J. Heller

A dear friend let me in on a not-so-secret, wonderful musician named J.J. Heller. So thanks to her great musical and lyrical sense, I trotted on over to YouTube via her email and found myself enthralled by this song.

Honestly, listen to it – it’s beautiful. Somehow, she captured what took me many words of writing in a few minutes of song. That’s why I love music…it has such rich opportunity to sweep you away to things of beauty, truth, wonder, and awe.

Enjoy. =)

Never Once

“Never Once” by Matt Redman

This is the latest song that’s stuck with me at present. It’s so incredibly true that God is faithful… always there, never to leave or let us down. Even when we’re in the midst of disappointment, and it seems like nothing good could possibly be happening, He’s right there faithfully working out His promises in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but that’s incredibly comforting.

You Are Making Me New…

“Beautiful Things” by Gungor

I’ve sung this song several times at a few different churches before even knowing who wrote it. Of course – Gungor. It might be a simple song, but it’s a profound one, one that resonates with me in my current season in a way that seems like it’s the theme for my life. It’s a song of truth. It’s a song of hope. It’s a song of beauty arising…

I can’t wait to see the new me once He’s finished.