Quiet + Photography: Portraits of Yosemite


So… I know it seems I almost rarely post nowadays. And even now, I’m posting a photo from 9 months ago. But I’m realizing that doesn’t matter much to me…

You know, the idea of novelty…

And always saying something

As if when we aren’t talking, then we don’t exist…

(And aren’t we all a little weary of that in our social media-fest society?)

For me, I only want to share when I really feel moved to say/write/post/snap/whatever. In this particular case, it means I’m sharing these photos from 9 months ago. 😉

But does the age of the photo really affect the quality of the content?

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I’m in Love!

I was asking some coworkers the other day if there was anything wrong with loving your own photo… Then I quickly corrected myself (connecting the dots on how weird that sounds outside my desired context), explaining that I meant loving a picture I took rather than a picture of myself. 😉

Anyhow, I must declare it: I’m in LOVE! This photo stole my heart when I first spotted it and has yet to give it back. Of course I had to add it as my phone’s wallpaper too… Continue reading

Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing, originally uploaded by sherjc.

I’ve been having fun taking pictures for work lately. I took this picture on the way back from a long, long meeting. I was crossing the parking lot to get back to the office when I met with this amazing view. And if you’ve seen my work, you know that me and trees, well, we have a delightful relationship. 😉

I love how God delights us with wonder throughout our day if we will look for it and take the time to notice. It was definitely a great way to wrap the day. =) I hope you are overwhelmed by His amazing beauty today!

Learning How to See

The more that I explore photography, the more I realize about what it requires. You have to be alive. Awake. Able to move with the pace of the scene. Slow. Fast. A careful observer. A stealth mover with balance. Timing is essential but second to developing a sensitivity that sees something beyond what’s right in front of you. You need to see something of God’s movement, and in drawing closer to it, your goal is to help others see it too.

I’m still learning how to do this. It’s not just mastery of the technical (although I am in definite need of practice there) but it’s a lifelong process: learning this new rhythm; welcoming rest; making myself available to the moment and all it contains; maintaining a willingness to listen to the whispers which call for my attention and dare me to explore and try, to discover and think differently, to sometimes fail and at other times find that risk pays off. To dive into this realm of writing with light requires patience, humility, and courage, all of which I am learning more and more each day. Continue reading