Reconciling My Heart-book (Part 4): Keeping Short Accounts

This is the last post of this 4-part series

In my time alone with God, my heart-book showed a large deficit that seemed like it would never be resolved. At first, I thought I’d just have to get used to the discrepancy, ignore the mistakes I made, and figure out the best way to live with them while not overdrawing my account. The only problem was that by ignoring it, I’d just continue to make the same mistakes and the deficit would grow larger.

After a while, I got so used to living with the discrepancy that I shrugged it off with little more than an “oh well.” But the truth is, as my heart’s balance continued to decline, so did my hope, and my loneliness and seeming silence from God only grew larger. It seemed there was nothing I could do to fix it.

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Reconciling My Heart-book (Part 1): 27 Cents

God just used my checkbook to teach me quite a lesson.

I had been reconciling my checkbook with the bank’s online statements when I noticed several discrepancies. It had been a while since I had tallied everything up – even the most “type A” of us get lazy about these things at points – and I began to see how this was hurting me. By not keeping track of my transactions regularly, there were little errors here and there that had a cumulative effect.
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