The Art of Listening in Prayer

I wrote this back in March, but just got around to actually posting it now. 😉 It’s still just as true and important to share. Hope you also find it helpful in your own journey of faith. THE CHIRPS AT 3 P.M. In this season of intense waiting, I decided to make afternoon prayer a […]

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Somewhere at 50,000 Miles

This entry is for all those who examine their lives and wonder if they’ve really gotten that far. Where to begin. This Saturday, I realized I was going to hit a milestone. My car’s odometer was nearing the end of 49,000 miles and on its way to 50,000.  It gave me pause to think. Have […]

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Thoughts at 2:08 a.m. When all is said and done, who I am in Christ is all that remains. . . I must risk everything I used to hold on to if I am to hold on to Christ alone and enter into His rest. “So there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of […]

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