The Art of Listening in Prayer


I wrote this back in March, but just got around to actually posting it now. 😉 It’s still just as true and important to share. Hope you also find it helpful in your own journey of faith.


In this season of intense waiting, I decided to make afternoon prayer a part of my normal rhythm so that I could connect with God, listen to Him, and continue leaning into His work in and through me. Courtesy of my old phone at 3 p.m., the sound of digitized crickets break into my routine for the day and let me know it’s time to stop what I’m doing and pray.

Now, there are times when I heed the 3 p.m. chirps to prayer, but there are still other times that I find myself putting it off, thinking “I just need a few more minutes” to finish whatever it is I’m doing. Continue reading

Late-night Confessional


Late night, somewhere before 4 a.m.

Tears. Yes, tears. That’s what I find always come when God speaks so specifically to my need, especially when I least expect it. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed. After all, it’s the God of the universe Who is talking to me.

(for those of you who don’t get as teary, stick with me…)

I woke up in the middle of the night needing a “midnight” snack. I got up, fixed myself some plain yogurt with maple syrup, and sat on my couch for a bit in the dark so my eyes wouldn’t have to adjust too much. (The light of the refrigerator was about all I could take.) As thoughts of yesterday and concerns for tomorrow entered my head, I just laid them out before the Lord in brief, sleepiness inducing me to confess them quickly without much filtering. With my late-night confessional over and rumbly in my tumbly addressed, I went back to bed.

But I didn’t feel sleepy anymore. Continue reading

Somewhere at 50,000 Miles

OdometerThis entry is for all those who examine their lives and wonder if they’ve really gotten that far.

Where to begin.

This Saturday, I realized I was going to hit a milestone. My car’s odometer was nearing the end of 49,000 miles and on its way to 50,000.  It gave me pause to think. Have I seriously driven that many miles in such a short time? See, I’ve only had this car for 2 1/2 years. I did not think I’d reach 50,000 so soon.  Looking back on 50,000 miles was monumental as I considered all the places I had gone in those thousands of miles and all of the places I had not. Continue reading