Transitions & Good Friday – The Story Behind “At Year Two”


When I wrote, “At Year Two,” I was trying to go back to sleep, but then I decided to journal instead. I’ve learned enough about the way the Lord speaks to recognize when it’s Him waking me up to say something or pray and not just conclude, “Oh, I’m awake randomly. Let me go back to sleep.”

I’m not sure why, but in the midst of my own uncertainty about life and seeming inability to process the events at the start of 2014, I got to thinking of the disciples and how they must have felt partway through Jesus’ ministry. As I wrote then: “At year two, they couldn’t have understood what everything meant. They probably still wondered who this Man really was that they were so drawn to follow. Had they made the right decision in leaving their nets or their post to follow Him?

While at a midpoint in my journey, I wondered the same thing too. Continue reading