Day 12: Light of the Sun

Day 12: Light of the Sun
, originally uploaded by sherjc.

The beauty is there…you just have to go look for it.

This Photo 365 project I’ve been engaged in has been a test of the will, imagination, and inner resolve. There are times when I’m excited about this project, but often it feels like a chore or yet another thing to accomplish from the list. I admit yet again after a long day at work, I remembered that I hadn’t taken today’s photo yet and just thought, “Oh crap. I’m tired, and there’s just so much to do, and I’m not even home yet. I don’t feel like trying to be creative!” Sigh. Continue reading

Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing, originally uploaded by sherjc.

I’ve been having fun taking pictures for work lately. I took this picture on the way back from a long, long meeting. I was crossing the parking lot to get back to the office when I met with this amazing view. And if you’ve seen my work, you know that me and trees, well, we have a delightful relationship. 😉

I love how God delights us with wonder throughout our day if we will look for it and take the time to notice. It was definitely a great way to wrap the day. =) I hope you are overwhelmed by His amazing beauty today!

Surprise Me

6:31 a.m.

So I’m learning to be an early riser.  It’s not natural for me, but I tend to do my best thinking in the quiet of an early morning (or late night…which I prefer).  While I love seeing the sun rise as I putter around the house, it’s that getting up in what feels like the middle of the night that’s not as appealing.

As I was beginning the day, preparing for the day, picking out clothes to wear, and talking to God, I said something remarkable in my prayer to Him.  I said words I’ve never said before.  I asked Him, “Father, what do You have for me in this day?  Would you give me the eyes to see it?” Continue reading

What’s In A Fortune?

At work, we now have four Chinese fast food eateries to pick from within a 1 to 2 mile radius from the office. We’re so spoiled. For lunch today, I opted for one of my mom and pop favorites that pays an ode to the “king of pop” with its name. I hopped into my car and blared my latest musical acquisition on the short drive. After getting my food and returning to my office with a Jon Foreman tune buzzing about in my head, I dug into my orange chicken.

So aside from orange chicken, most everyone knows that the best part of Chinese take out happens after the meal is through. At this point, it’s time to crack into that little wafer like cookie. You know, the one that’s kind of like those tasteless, almost useless cake ice cream cones. But who cares about the cookie? It’s really about reading that little 2 1/2″ x 1/2″ strip of printed paper with words that either leave us in surprise, stitches, or disbelief (usually at its completely inaccurate yet perfectly random statement about the weather). Continue reading