Doubts, Direction, and the Pause

So I’ve been back in the swing of out of state relational ministry travels this winter. It has been such a full, beautiful time with many opportunities to see God’s movement in the lives of so many and encourage those near and far from Jesus to come closer. During this particular travel season, I’ve found […]

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Surrendering Our Plans

5:12 a.m. On the bus to Lampung It’s been a few days since I’ve written. With spotty Internet access and traveling from the south to Bangkok, we’ve been quite busy. Did I mention we became three? Yes, our friend Susana has become part of our traveling band. It’s been great to have her. So Bangkok. […]

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Arrival: Phuket

Jan 29, 4:18p Phuket We reached Phuket early in the morning at 2 am. Let me just say, not the best time get amazing deals on a taxi into town, but we were able to get around our driver’s low motivation to barter by sharing a ride with two other German travelers. After settling in […]

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Such Great Heights

Jan 26, 4p, Somewhere in China Here I am on the bullet train to Shanghai. Cruising at a cool 303 kilometers an hour. Really? Is this my life? =) It has been such a gift to be here in China. From walking around Tianamen Square taking tons of pictures to eating pork dumplings at a […]

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