Observations from Beijing

Jan 26, 8:31a, Beijing One thing I can’t get over is the children in China. They are so cute it’s pretty ridiculous. Split pants aside (if you know what I mean, you know what I mean 😉 ), they are such cute bundles of energy, curiosity, and wonder. And I admit they are dressed pretty […]

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Trekking in Peking (aka Beijing)

Jan 25 Ni hao! Well, it’s been a full day of Metro riding, foot walking, photo snapping around Tian’amen (sp?) Square and such. Can you believe after about four hours of walking that I still didn’t see all of the Forbidden City? It’s all bigger than you’d think. It’s like walking around DC to see […]

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Beginning of the Unexpected

Such anticipation as I board the plane. I’m really going. I’m going to China right now. This is so unreal. But in a good way. =) From the start, this journey has been completely unexpected. I remember the conversation over my first vegetarian restaurant meal with my friend… “Wow. I’d love to visit if I […]

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