Such Great Heights

Jan 26, 4p, Somewhere in China

Here I am on the bullet train to Shanghai. Cruising at a cool 303 kilometers an hour.

Really? Is this my life? =)

It has been such a gift to be here in China. From walking around Tianamen Square taking tons of pictures to eating pork dumplings at a table for one while watching locals stroll by to climbing the Great Wall to watching fireworks over the immense frozen lake of the Summer Palace to eating fried silk worms on a stick on Wafujing Street (though I don’t recommend that last bit), this has been such a great adventure, and it’s only day 3. Continue reading

Observations from Beijing

Jan 26, 8:31a, Beijing

One thing I can’t get over is the children in China. They are so cute it’s pretty ridiculous. Split pants aside (if you know what I mean, you know what I mean 😉 ), they are such cute bundles of energy, curiosity, and wonder. And I admit they are dressed pretty stinkin’ cute in their little puffer jackets and fun character hats with rosy cheeks from the stingingly cold wind of Beijing.

I was taking pictures during my first day in Beijing and I couldn’t help but be fascinated by these little ones. Continue reading

Trekking in Peking (aka Beijing)

Jan 25

Ni hao!

Well, it’s been a full day of Metro riding, foot walking, photo snapping around Tian’amen (sp?) Square and such. Can you believe after about four hours of walking that I still didn’t see all of the Forbidden City? It’s all bigger than you’d think. It’s like walking around DC to see all the sights!

At first, I was a little intimidated at the prospect of sightseeing alone in a land where I know about 4 phrases of the language. But it’s gone so well, and I feel strangely comfortable. I feel like God is so present; He’s my travel partner. And I’ve had so much fun already! It’s like all the adventures I’ve had before have prepared me for this. Continue reading

Beginning of the Unexpected

Such anticipation as I board the plane. I’m really going. I’m going to China right now.

This is so unreal. But in a good way. =)

From the start, this journey has been completely unexpected. I remember the conversation over my first vegetarian restaurant meal with my friend… “Wow. I’d love to visit if I could. I mean, when else will I know someone in China?!” Then months later… Prayer. Seeking. Answers. And just last month, I sensed His “go.” So by the grace of God go I.

More to come…