To My Fellow “Waiters”

I dedicate this post to little Michael and his dear family. I’m excited to meet you after such a looooooong wait! =) Right now, I’m waiting… I’m waiting on a great many things in my life, but chiefly I am waiting on God in each situation. At present, I am waiting for a child to […]

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Your Heart: It Matters

Did you know that your heart matters? Probably more than you realize? Simply managing your behavior is not enough to address the true issues of your heart. You have to face the contents within if you will ever find healing and freedom. And God, who is Healer and “tries the feeling and the heart,” is […]

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Sensing God at Work

“There have been so many times in my life when I’ve worn myself out trying to help God get me to where I thought I should be… But the more I learned to praise the all-powerful God of the universe, the more I could sense His power working in my life. I was relieved of […]

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