Step-by-Step Direction

sherjc.com_fence_signsThis is part 2 of a 3-part series. Read part 1: Circling the Mountain.

“For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, so that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”
–Paul, Romans 15:4

Just as Paul says here and later on to Timothy (2 Timothy 3:14-17), all Scripture is a gift from God, given to us so that we might know how to live this life of faith in God. So these few verses in Deuteronomy 2:1-4b are not only recounting history as Moses speaks of the people of Israel circling the mountain, but they tell us something very important about God and how He relates to us. Continue reading

Circling the Mountain

Image“Then we turned and set out for the wilderness by way to the Red Sea, as the Lord spoke to me, and circled Mount Seir for many days. And the Lord spoke to me saying, ‘You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north, and command the people saying…'”
–Moses, Deuteronomy 2:1-4b (emphasis mine)

I just started rereading Deuteronomy, the book where Moses recaps all that the people of Israel had experienced up until this point. I resumed my reading in chapter 2 today, and in just these few verses, I gained more insight into the strange (to me anyhow) ways of the Lord. Continue reading

A New Journey to Enjoy

Day 4, A Sunny Spot by the Beach

Why should I worry? Why do I freak out? God knows what I need… You know what I need.
-Jon Foreman, “Your Love Is Strong”

I am sitting in the most marvelous spot off the avenue, overlooking the beautiful ocean. It’s a scene that rivals the beauty I experienced halfway around the world off the southern shores of Thailand. Deep blue green water. Sandy tan shores. Crisp white sails of the boats and feathered wings of birds out enjoying the fine breeze this afternoon. And the green bluffs to my left and sweeping mountains to my right. It’s simply ridiculous.

How did I get here? Continue reading

A Free Agent and Fries

7:30p, In-N-Out

Day 2 as a free agent.

Last Thursday was my last day at the office. After nearly a decade on staff, I said goodbye as I took this giant leap into gracious uncertainty at the beckoning of my Lord. Filled with peace in my heart and excitement at the future, I boldly stepped away from all that I knew and made my way toward a new life of applying my passions for Christ and His Kingdom.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Well, today is day 2, the first Monday after I bid farewell to my coworkers, friends, and traditional 9 to 5 job…

What the crap did I just do? =/ Continue reading