Walking in His Love

Still Early Morning, Chiang Mai So I’ve been praying a lot for the Lord to have His way during my time here. I didn’t want this to be simply a fun holiday (although much fun has been had!), but I sensed God’s leading me here to hear Him speak and to surrender each day to […]

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Such Great Heights

Jan 26, 4p, Somewhere in China Here I am on the bullet train to Shanghai. Cruising at a cool 303 kilometers an hour. Really? Is this my life? =) It has been such a gift to be here in China. From walking around Tianamen Square taking tons of pictures to eating pork dumplings at a […]

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Farewell, Sweet Pea

From the archives – Spring 2007 (Talk about the unexpected – this whole thing came out of left field! I still don’t understand what happened, but I know God was in the midst of it, and this experience was part of the journey that has me right where I am today. I’m still reconciling with […]

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