The Joy of “Now What?”


9:53 a.m. On iTunes: Relient K – Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right, But Three Do

I’ve forgotten how to have fun.

There. I said it. Of all I’ve been pondering this morning, this is one of the thoughts that leapt to the forefront.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I said goodbye to full-time employment.




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Somewhere at 50,000 Miles

OdometerThis entry is for all those who examine their lives and wonder if they’ve really gotten that far.

Where to begin.

This Saturday, I realized I was going to hit a milestone. My car’s odometer was nearing the end of 49,000 miles and on its way to 50,000.  It gave me pause to think. Have I seriously driven that many miles in such a short time? See, I’ve only had this car for 2 1/2 years. I did not think I’d reach 50,000 so soon.  Looking back on 50,000 miles was monumental as I considered all the places I had gone in those thousands of miles and all of the places I had not. Continue reading

Surprise Me

6:31 a.m.

So I’m learning to be an early riser.  It’s not natural for me, but I tend to do my best thinking in the quiet of an early morning (or late night…which I prefer).  While I love seeing the sun rise as I putter around the house, it’s that getting up in what feels like the middle of the night that’s not as appealing.

As I was beginning the day, preparing for the day, picking out clothes to wear, and talking to God, I said something remarkable in my prayer to Him.  I said words I’ve never said before.  I asked Him, “Father, what do You have for me in this day?  Would you give me the eyes to see it?” Continue reading

Going Where the Wind Takes You

A few Sundays ago after church, I was on my way home when I felt the urge to be adventurous. It was a sunny, beautiful summer day, and I had no place in particular to be. So with my camera and journal in tow, I set off to discover something.

I drove down the 210 fwy and decided to exit. I knew where I wanted to go: Art Center. I’d never been there before and heard about the campus being cool, so I made my way down Linda Vista, winding down roads lined with houses one could only dream of living in while driving beneath the cover of trees which had lined these streets for many, many years. Continue reading