In Case of Disappointment, Break Glass (Part 4): Waiting for His Word


This is the final post in a 4-part series. Read part 1: Heart Check.

For some of us, we are so stymied by the recent events of our lives that there are no more expectations to let go. You know what I say to that?


Why is it good? Well, when God clears the table of our expectations, we’re right where He wants us — a clean slate! Will we surrender the slate to Him, the canvas of our lives to paint the master work of art that He desires and put down our childish fingerpaints?

And for those still numbed by the sting of a disappointment delivered or the crushing blow we are in the throes of receiving, will we stop and recognize that the same God Who “gives and takes away” also takes away and gives?

We’ll need to let go of the timing and the way, but God will do what only He can do in our lives and get the glory. And in light of God’s track record in being the best Gift Giver ever with the best timing ever, I want what He has planned instead, don’t you? As I tend toward a desire to know and be in control, for me, living with that kind of trust in God means I have to surrender time and time again to Him, but every act of surrender, every prayer of yielding, every declaration of trust is another sweet smelling sacrifice of obedience and faith to our God.


So let us grieve our disappointments, but let’s not get stuck there as those who have no hope! Our God is God Almighty, the Lord of Hosts, the Father Who is so compassionate, just, kind, and wise. He knows the plans He has for our lives, and He is walking us in them (Ephesians 2:10). Will we trust Him, and let Him have His way?

Then, choose to let go and let Him do all! It is not laziness to lean so completely on our Father God. When we do so at His Word, it is trust! How many times does He discipline His people for relying on everything else but Him or for relying partially on God and not wholeheartedly trusting? He wants us to learn how to rely 100% on Him alone, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what anyone says, no matter what the consequences – our God will come through!

So, put down the fingerpaints and your plans, bring Him the canvas of your heart to have 100% creative control, and start praising Him in faith for the work that the Master Artist is doing right now in your life. You will see a breathtaking masterpiece appear before your eyes as you take each step with Him as your Lord.

While life may not go the way you had planned, nor change immediately, nor make any sense whatsoever to you now, remember, He’s in the middle of His work in your life. Who wouldn’t have thought Rembrandt’s work pedestrian or insane if he had dropped his initial pencil sketching on canvas a third of the way through?! And which story of our Christian brothers and sisters in Scripture makes sense without reading the ending? Let the Master have His way.

You will not be disappointed…

I will not be disappointed…

We will not be disappointed…

Because He simply does not put the righteous to shame.


And you can stake your life on that.

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